Soy Candles

Soy Candles

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Our Nag Champa scented soy candles are handmade out of dead tree limbs taken from previously damaged trees in upstate New York. The trees were damaged by the Elm Bark Beetle over 10 years ago which wiped out half of the forest. Although the infestation is now over, the locals were left with a large number of dead trees with intricate patterns. Omtology, along with other locals, decided to use the trees to make furniture, carvings, crafts and other items like these beautiful soy candles.

The candles have a burn time of 30-60 hours depending on the size. Sizes: Small (4oz), Med (7oz), Lrg (12oz). Size is based on the amount of soy wax used and not the size of the tree limb which varies.

Handcrafted in USA by Omtology

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