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our roots

Omtology is a spiritual lifestyle brand with a foundation that is based on six key pillars: Sustainable Fashion, Home & Earth, Eat to Live, Body Temple, Meditation & Self-inquiry, and Spiritual Parenting.

Sustainable Fashion

With sustainable fashion, our purpose is to convey a sense of serenity, comfort and unmatched style in your everyday life and home. Our collection of sustainable fabrics, upcycled materials and natural resources are transformed by tailors, woodworkers, artists, and sculptors to combine the beauty of culture and spirituality with the functional needs of today. Our process starts with creativity and is cultivated by skilled people. By traveling to shake hands or by connecting through the power of social media, we discover and connect with talented artisans in Guatemala, India, Bali, Africa, Nepal and right where we began – the U.S.A. We make it easy for you to discover unique garments, accessories and handicrafts from near and far. 95% of our products are handcrafted by people, families and cooperatives which helps to support their local economy. 

Home & Earth

Our Home & Earth products and solutions help bring positive energy and life into your home. We show you how to grow plants that are full of life that is transferred to your home and everyone in it. We offer products that are made from earth’s natural materials and that bring the beauty from nature and outdoors into your home. Our unmatched decorating tips and plant exchange is what makes this pillar extra special.

Eat to Live

When I traveled to Bali I fell in love with this idea of eating to live as opposed to living to eat.

Spiritual Parenting

Meditation & Self-inquiry

Body Temple