New to Yoga? Tips to Help You Prepare for your First Class:

New to Yoga by United We Om Yoga Harrisburg

        Become familiar with some basic poses: Going over a few basic poses like Warrior I, II, Downward Facing Dog and Child's Pose will help you feel more motivated in your first class.

        Arrive Early: Arriving early not only shows respect for your fellow classmates, it also helps you mentally and physically prepare for your yoga class.

        Eat light and healthy: Eat a small nutritious meal before class and drink lots of water. It’s best not to eat at least two hours before class. Drinking water is fine up to class.

        Get comfortable: Wear comfortable clothes that don’t restrict movement. No “yoga pants?” There is really no such thing, if the mood fits, jeans can become yoga pants (smile). T-shirts, tanks, leggings and sweats are just fine. We also have comfortable clothing for sale in our boutique.

        Take your shoes off: Yoga is practiced barefoot and on the earth; shoes are not permitted, socks are not encouraged. Not wearing shoes in the yoga room is not only hygienic but it is also a sign of giving respect to a sacred space.

        Ask questions: If you have questions about yoga, feel free to pull your teacher aside and ask her anything that comes to mind. We are here to make you feel comfortable. All are welcomed.

        Unplug and be polite: Cell phones are a distraction to your classmates and your own mind—please “unplug” before you enter the studio so you can be present in your practice and show respect for your classmates. TURN CELL PHONES OFF, not on vibrate or silent, OFF to make sure it is really OFF. Be mindful of the other students sharing their love and energy with you.

        Don't let your ego guide you: Your ego will rise when you start this journey so remind yourself constantly that the studio is not a place for comparison. You will start to learn and know more if you come often and practice regularly, but don’t become pompous. Let your lifestyle be proof of your practice instead of developing an us vs. them mentality. THIS IS A NO JUDGMENT SPACE and PRACTICE.

Nicoli Sinclair