Getting Over the Day 3 Hump

United We Om Yoga Green Juice Detox

When I turned 30, not only was I depressed because I was single with no kids, but I also started getting pimples on my cheeks. Having gone my entire teenage and adolescent years virtually pimple free, you can imagine how surprised I was to get pimples as an adult. At first they were tiny ones I could pop away, then they turned into what seemed like huge volcanoes underneath my skin that would take months to erupt. I later learned, after visiting an over-priced dermatologist, that these stubborn pimples were called cystic pimples. To my dismay, I was now battling what the dermatologist called adult acne (wth). Fast forward seven years, I got over the single lady blues, but the acne still greets me every month. I’ve used the prescriptions the dermatologist regrettably prescribed after I told her chemical peels just won’t do. Like most Western medications, the gels and creams attacked the symptoms, but they didn’t even do a good job at that. Two weeks ago I became fed up and looked for alternative, holistic ways to address my adult acne. Like every homeopathic method, I started looking at my diet. Let thy food be thy medicine.

I eat pretty healthy regularly. I gave up beef and pork at the age of 14, I don’t buy and therefore don’t eat junk food. I stay away from cookies and cakes except for me and my partner’s birthday, I buy organic and free from foods, and I exercise regularly. However, one element that was consistent in my research was dairy. Over and over I read it is not good for the body, it causes bacteria to build-up and it even causes cystic pimples. I eat yogurt almost every day and have done so religiously for seven years, which is as long as I’ve been experiencing acne. Needless to say, this discovery was very disappointing. Morning yogurt has become a routine for me and I love it, but if my body is indeed saying no to dairy, I must hear its whisper to see if it is actually a cry. I have to test eliminating dairy.

[Let me pause here to inject my reasoning. No I am not vain or attached to my body. I know very well I am not the body and this face of mine matters very little when it comes to discovering Truth. However, the acne is a sign that I am not taking the best care of my body, which is my temple while I am walking this earth. Bottom line, I am not practicing ahimsa.]

Now back to the story at hand…

After several nights of researching I decided it was time to practice a yoga lifestyle. I ditched the synthetic gels and creams to give holistic methods a sincere and open-minded try. I made a trip to the Healthy Grocer in Camp Hill and spent an outrageous $150 (ouch!...ouch!...did I say…ouch!) on bentonite clay, psyllium seed husk and other supplements. Oh, and $30 on fruits and vegetables (yes, there is a bit of imbalance here). I zealously pulled out my juicer and began pressing the fruits and vegetables for my 7-day juice fast. I read it takes at least 7 days for the body to get rid of toxins, but I fumbled at day 3. Here’s the thing. If you’ve ever researched juice fasting you will find that most experts say day 2 is a drag, but day 3 is like heaven. Energy levels soar, you experience mental clarity that is unmatched by caffeine, and you just feel great. I personally find on day 3 that I am more humble, present and spiritually connected with all that is around me. So what goes wrong you might ask? Although I feel great and I don’t even feel hungry--on day 3, I do miss solid food. I miss its texture and density. So I eat, I crunch, I chew on something solid.

Two weeks have passed since I tried my detox and each week I’ve crashed at day 3. A new week has begun and today is day 3. My collard greens, kale, carrot, apple and lime juice is in jars and ready to go. Now that I am more conscious of what goes wrong, let’s see if I have the will power to get past today. Stay tuned….

~Nicoli Rena Sinclair