Welcome To Omtology

It is amazing to see life unfold before my very eyes, at this very moment. To experience how life connects us, brings us together. We appear in each others lives like angels, like ghosts, like breath. We jump from place to place, person to person near and far and then we vanish. Be it in another country, another state or by simply taking another step--we connect. A judgement grows into a smile and soars into a hello. We avoid, we embrace, we love, we hate. We fear just because and without reason, other than she or he told me so. We cross each other's path even when we are not expecting, not wanting, not needing. But we do.

My travels are scarce in comparison to what exists, but my desire to walk more land goes beyond words. Yet each person, each experience, and each voyage has been full of breadth. I would be doing myself a great disservice if I did not share my journey with you. Welcome to the world of Omtology. Welcome to my world.

~Nicoli Rena Sinclair

Nicoli Sinclair