Monthly Studio Theme for September: Transitions

As we say good-bye to Summer and hello to Fall, this month we are focusing on transitions--the act of passing from one state to the next. In yoga philosophy this can be viewed as transitioning into the various stages of consciousness, working through the eight limbs of yoga or transitioning from one chakra to the next. As we transition from Summer to Fall, let's bring our attention to the transitions we experience on and off the mat. 

Off the mat, think about how yoga has transformed your lifestyle. Observe your actions and reactions to see if you notice any difference i the way you approach things now that you've gained your practice. Has you yoga practice helped you transition through life in a more conscious manner or with more ease?

On the mat,  practice graceful and smooth transitions as you progress from one pose to the next. Place your body parts on the mat softly and with little sound. Encourage ease in transitions even when they are challenging by using the breath and finding softness in asana practice.